Comprehensive Pain Treatment Program

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By Christopher Ging, PhD, DOM, Lic. Acupuncturist
Copyright  May 6, 2003, Alternative Medicine Inc

Say Good-bye to Pain

Culprits behind Pain:
Pain is a signal, information carrier of meridian blockage, infection, blood clots, low pH…; it is a process, not a disease.

Millivolt (mv) is above 80 mV. 1 milli Volt =  1 / 1,000 Volt.  Pain does not exist when millivolt is under 60 mv.
Numbness condition when milli Voltage is under 40mv.

The underlying root of causes of chronic pain:

  1. Chi Blockage- Meridian/acupuncture points.  Blockage leads to lactic acid build up.What is meridian?
    A meridian has many acupuncture points, surrounded by nerves, located in the end plate of arterial and vein capillaries. The acupuncture points maintain a certain distance in between so that it can cause adequate vibration of an associated artery and vein. A meridian travels through two or three organs and connects them together.  The acupuncture points of each meridian carry resonant frequency to cause adequate vibration of artery and vein of an associated organ.  Each meridian carries a unique frequency.  If the acupuncture points in a meridian are blocked or short circuited, not able to generate resonant frequency to cause the arteries and veins to vibrate, it would cause pain and immediately impact the function of the associated organ.  If pain is ignored, it could lead to a number of severe physical issues.
  2. Sluggish blood circulation
  3. pH value is too low (acidic burning) or too high (blood vessel is freezing, squeezing the nerves causing migraine pain, joint pain
    parasitic/fungus/yeast/bacteria/viral infection (regional low pH) leads to oxygen deficiency (hypoxymia), sluggish blood circulation and blood clotting.
  4. headache may be related to neck
  5. liver functional – lactic acid-glucose
  6. gall bladder/pancreas (worry, anxiety) package.
  7. emotional stress- worry, frustration – fear –anxiety – broken heart
  8. injuries


Concerning Pain…

Acting much like an alarm system in a building, pain is an amazing protective mechanism for the human body.  Without feeling pain, that person is dead.  The pain mechanism is constantly on the alert to detect any damaging stimulus (physical, psychological and spiritual) that is likely to block the flow and harm the body.
The sensation of pain, like body temperature, blood pressure, and pH value, serves as a sign and warrants our immediate attention and further investigation of the root cause.

The nerve bundle has four different sizes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. The thinner the nerve bundle the less stable the electrical potential of cell membrane.  When the electrical potential of cell membrane is above 80 mini volts, the cells may begin to feel itch and/or pain. The numbness or no sensational feeling indicates that the electrical potential of cell membrane is lower than 50 mini volts (mv). The Cool Needling technique of acupuncture could lower the electrical potential of cell membrane to 60-50 mv; therefore, it can effectively and immediately relieve the pain. Conventional hospice program using the drugs such as Morphine and other narcotics for pain management, only treats the symptom by suppressing the pain; it is too costly and has too many side effects to the patients who are dying. The chemical toxins in the narcotic drugs gradually kill the patients.

The body has an inherent ability to sedate pain by the secretion of endogenous analgesic-effect neurotransmitter/hormones (endorphin, enkephalin, dopamine, acetylcholine) being constantly released from central nervous system, limbic system, and peripheral nervous system. In other words, pain is normally not perceivable as long as the pain resulting from a damaging stimulus is under a person’s threshold of pain. However, pain will be felt once it goes beyond a person’s threshold of pain. Although unpleasant, pain is useful when it leads to awareness and elimination of the underlying root causes of the damaging stimulus.

To stop a pain symptom, it is imperative to identify its underlying root causes.
The sensation of tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing is rather specific compared with the sensation of pain. The purpose of pain is merely to indicate that a stimulus is damaging; however, it does not inform the brain about the exact location of the root causes of the pain. In other words, the sensation of pain can be deceiving: where the pain is felt may not be the location of the pain’s root cause. For example, a pain that is felt along the lateral side of the leg(s) could be attributable to the canine tooth, liver or gall bladder cancer, digestive conditions, gall bladder stone, intestinal problem, bone fracture of L4 – S1, blood clots, arthritis, tendonitis, anger/frustration and so on. Therefore, it is essential to identify the underling root causes of the physical pain before treatment or the patient’s goal might not be quickly achieved.

Migraine, neck sprain/pain may be related to both Urinary M. and Gall Bladder M or just Gall Bladder M.
Shoulder Blade sore/pain, cough may be related to both Urinary M. and Lung M or just Lung M.
Lumbago, Sacrum, knee pain may be related to both Urinary M. and Kidney M or just Kidney M.

Q.    What are the primary underlying root causes of a physical pain?

A.    Negative ion deficiency
Negative ions exists abundantly in the forest, water falls, mountain, rain, water fountains and in the morning. The deficiency of negative ions can cause (1) the blood to be acidic and edema due to excessive sodium and calcium not able to flow out of the cell; (2) potassium and magnesium not able to flow into the cell for creating membrane potential. As a result, toxins build up, the blood is filthy and the liver and the kidney are overloaded.  Weak membrane potential blocked the ion pathway (sodium and calcium locked inside of the cell), toxins build up, filthy blood and overloaded kidney and liver are in vicious cycle causing chronic diseases, arthritis and chronic pain…

B. Yin-Yang is out of balance.
Yin and Yang are nomenclature. They are dual system for balancing mechanism. Any matter can be broken into two: yin and yang such as negative ions balanced with positive ions; acids balanced with alkaline, cAMP balanced with cGMP. As a result of yin-yang imbalance, yin dominates yang or yang supersedes yin, either of which destroy the counter balance mechanism causing blood or chi stagnation, leading to physical or emotional blockage.

Blockage is the primary underlying root cause of the pain. To stop the pain, any pathogenic blockage has to be removed.  There are two kinds of pathogenic blockage:

1.  Blood clotting (coagulation)

  1. Any chronic disease for more than one year can cause blood clotting due to chronic infection, autoimmune disease, and cumulative toxins in the connective tissue.
  2. pH is not within normal range indicating positive ions are not balanced with negative ions.
  3. Liver, spleen/pancreas dysfunction fails to perform as a scavenger to sweep out the debris of dead red blood cells.

    The liver dysfunction also allows the lactate build-up in the muscle and blocks the lymphatic nodes causing blood clotting.

  4. Mineral deficiency causes the tissue acidic and burning.
  5. Excessive heat released by excessive cortisol production (adrenal-thyroid stress) and/or excessive oxidation. Oxygen (coolant) deficiency also can over heat up the body due to shallow breathing. Heat excess evaporates the water in the plasmic blood. As a result, the plasmic blood becomes thick and blood clots are gradually formed. Cortisol is an immune system suppressor and blood coagulation factor.
  6. Overuse certain muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerve damage.
  7. cAMP (cyclic Adensine Monophosphate) deficiency  due to hormonal  imbalance or sluggish energy metabolism.
  8.  Local infection due to fungal/bad yeast/bacterial/viral infection or the waste product quickly piling up in the connective tissues (a dump fill) results in connective tissue blockage.
  9. Radiation, scalding/burning
  10. Low pH value – high acidity causing constant tissue damage
  11. DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) disease or heparin,
  12. PG (prostaglandin) deficiency affecting dilation of the blood vessels.

   2.   Meridian pathway (energetic) blockage due to:

  1. physical blood clotting gradually block meridian pathways
  2. holding anger for so long and still not willing to release the forgiving spirit
  3. spiritual vipers, spiritual attack.
  4. emotional stress such as anxiety, fear, anger, depression, broken heart, trying to please  (performance orientation)
  5. lack of deep and sound sleep
    The damaged tissues failed to be repaired due to tryptophan, melatonin deficiency that would hinder GTH (growth hormone) from being released.
    Cytokines (interleukin, interferon, lympokine) are hormone like substances.  They coordinate immune system chemicals. Sound sleep plays an important role in the process of cytokines production.
  6. Short of energy. Sluggish energy slows down the blood circulation, gradually breeds an environment for blood clotting.


To enhance the pain threshold, live a healthy and pain free life, you need to begin practicing the following healthy lifestyles:

  1. Use  hot water, Epsom salt and lavender oil for foot reflexology
    Soak the feet with the hot water and 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt and 3 drops of lavender oil for 15 minutes at 8:30 p.m. You may use the thena muscule of the palm to massage the bottom of the feet for yourself,  your spouse and children for comfort, better sleep and intimate relationship.
  2. Go to bed before 10:00 p.m. and enjoy deep and sound sleep during the night.

    If you could not go to bed before 10:00 p.m. due to the job schedule, change the career or find another job.  More important, do not eat late, work late, or get yourself excited about a project two hours before the bedtime. Forgive as God has forgiven you.  Before the bedtime, practice to forgive your enemy or any person who has ever caused you anger, frustrated or dismayed.  Meditate and offer thanksgiving prayer to God that God has bestowed upon you many blessings and kept you alive on the earth. You have job to do and to serve God’s kingdom tomorrow. Pray that God will send myriads of angels to bless your sleep.  While you are lying on the bed, practice Chi-Qong exercise to wind down your brain wave, paving the way for deep and sound sleep through the night.  If you cannot sleep through the night after mediation and prayer, you may call Dr. Ging for consultation.

  3. At least 25- minute stretch exercise or Yoga exercise in the morning or before sunset.
  4. Morning and bedtime, kisses and hugs with prayer at least for 3 minutes.  Hug left side to left side, heart to heart.
  5. Take Dr. Ging’s Liver Balancer Herbal Formula.
  6. Take Black Sesame Powder for breakfast and as an afternoon snack. Make a paste by mixing Black Sesame Powder with a little boiling water and honey for breakfast.  For afternoon snack, you may add Chinese Rock Salt instead of honey.
  7. Be sure that you have bowel movement in the morning. The stool should be long, neither too soft nor too hard; normal stool color is beautiful golden brown. If your stool color appears either dark color or green/gray color, it indicates you have sluggish food assimilation.
  8. Be sure that you have good energy throughout the day without relying on caffeine or cigarettes.  If you do not have good energy, consult with Dr. Ging and learn to practice Feast Upon Sun Ray Chi Qong exercise so that you can receive abundant energy from the Sun Ray by staring at the sun rise in the early morning or sunset for 15 minutes. Do not practice Sun Ray Chi Qong exercise after 7:30 am, lest your eyes may be harmed.

Q.  What is referred pain related to the meridian pathway blockage?


  1. Heart meridian blockage can cause chest pain, scapula pain (T1 through T5), and little finger pain.
    Liver meridian blockage can cause pain all over the body, migraine headache, headache on the top of the head, neck/shoulder pain, right rib cage pain extending to middle of the back, abdominal pain, cramp before or during a menstruation cycle, spasm, muscle tightness, clumsy, the pain in the first toe.Gall Bladder meridian blockage can cause eye pain, pain along the later side of leg, pain in the fourth toe.Kidney meridian blockage can cause joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, bone pain, lumbar pain, scoliosis, knee pain, Achilles-heel pain, disk degeneration or protrusion, osteoporosis, pain on the occipital region.Spleen/pancreas meridian blockage can cause right side rib cage pain, frontal pain, heart burn, abdominal pain, femoral pain (medial side of thigh and leg).
  2. Cancer pain:
    Esophagus cancer pain: dull pain is felt in the chest area
    Prostate cancer pain: feel burning pain or lumbar pain while urination
    Lung cancer pain is felt starting T7 extended to the shoulder
    Kidney cancer pain: lumbago, knee pain
  3. Chemotherapy (killing the normal cells causing bone marrow area, spinal nerve sensitive)
  4.  How to differentiate healing pain from pathogenic related pain?
    When lung cancer starts shrinking, the pain will be shifted from T6, T7 area to the shoulder; then shift to the neck. In other words, when the cancer begins to be shrunk, the pain may be shifted back

    to the area where the cancer is initially headquartered.


Q.  Why certain pain such as fibromyalgia is so stubborn to be subdued?

A.   If you have experienced pain, it would be much easier to detect the underlying root causes and treat it accordingly at the early stage. When pain is left untreated for a certain period of time, it becomes chronic pain where chronic infection is gradually developed and begins to invade into multiple terrains of the tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves) causing tissue entanglement, swollen, hardening, blood clots, energetic blockage, and severe physical damage in the organs. So often, we miss the healing time. It is too late to fix it. This is why certain pain is so stubborn to be subdued. It takes much longer time to treat long past due chronic pain than a new acute pain.

In Dr. Ging’s opinion, most of chronic pain results from chronic disease such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, irregular menstruation, the heart disease, diabetes… left untreated or not receiving proper treatment in time. Therefore, when feeling ill, do not procrastinate to consult with your health care professional for identifying the root causes first, then treat it, lest the healing time should be passed. If your ailment persists or gets worse after being treated for 6 weeks, you need to get second or third opinion to find out the true underlying root causes of your ailment. Dr. Ging is available to you for the second or third opinion.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease. The reason that it is difficult to treat fibromyalgia is because treatment started without detecting the true underlying root causes of the pain problem. According to Dr. Ging’s research and clinical study, the pain/soreness related to fibromyalgia is primarily attributable to chronic fatigue and emotional stress impacting the quality of sleep during the night. When the patient’s sleep pattern, emotional stress, and energy metabolism are corrected, the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia disappears.

Q.    What are the most effective therapies to treat symptoms of pain?

A.   Currently, no single therapy outweighs the other therapies. All the therapies mutually complement each other.  A multi-disciplinary approach is usually more effective than a single disciplinary approach. To eliminate the pain requires not only a broad base of medical knowledge but also mastery of the art of medicine in combining pain relief therapies to achieve optimal clinical results. Besides conventional pain management therapies, the following alternative therapies have proven effective in treating pain:

Steam Infusion with Chinese Herbs:

  • Spectacular effect of ginger to heal the pain
  • Ion Balance by green vegetable juicing, colon cleanse, salting-out, trace mineral intake, Chi-Qong exercise.

Dr. Ging and his brother, Yu-Pin Cheng has researched and developed herbal syrup (external use only) to relieve the pain resulting from chronic disease, injury or rheumatoid arthritis, and auto accident. The steam infusion therapy is also effective in treating the joint pain, neck/shoulder pain, chest pain, lower back pain, knee pain, and abdomen pain. The procedure is simple. Prior to starting the steam infusion therapy, you simply pour six cups of water with 4 ounces of the pain- relief herbal syrup into a container placed under the seat of steam cabinet. Set a suitable temperature, then turn on the switch.  You sit in the steam cabinet for 20 minutes per session, two to three sessions a week.  To speed up the healing, it is recommended that intake herbal formula be taken along with steam infusion therapy (1 to 3 times per week).

  • Acupuncture:the puncture of the skin with needle(s) to initiate a series of  synoptic impulses ascending to the brain. The brain integrates the messages based on synoptic impulses, starts releasing endogenous analgesic neurotransmitters to sedate pain, and triggers a series of biochemistry changes to bring the equilibrium back to the system.Acupuncture is effective in treating referred pain, acute pain, arthritis, and chronic pain resulted from cancer and/or a visceral disease.
  • Cupping Therapy: an effective method to relieve acute pain by sucking out blood clots from regional subcutaneous capillaries using a cup containing negative pressure, made from either glass, plastic or bamboo.
  • Chi Qong Energy, Tai-Chi Breathing Exercise:is slow-movement therapy starts with relaxing your body and casting out your secular concerns from your brain so that you can begin enjoying tranquility of the mind (Zu-Jin). Then, you practice breathing techniques along with slow somatic movements to direct Chi – vital life energy – to flow through internal organs and to bring the equilibrium back to the body.Chi Qong is one of the most powerful and effective therapy compared with the other TCM therapies being used clinically in China to control tumor growth and reduce the numerous symptoms associated with cancer such as pain, insomnia, nausea, irregular bowel movement, and fatigue.
  •  Chinese Tui-Na Massage, Chiropractic Manipulation) Therapy: massage can benefit such conditions as muscle spasm, spinal curvatures, soreness related to injury and stress, headaches, whiplash injury, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ). Massage can also help reduce swelling, correct posture, improve body motion, and facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Neural Therapy ( Trigger Point Injections): is a gentle healing technique that was originally developed in Germany. It involves the injection of local anesthetics such as procaine into automatic ganglia, peripheral nerves, scars, glands, acupuncture points, trigger points, and tooth cavity, as well as other tissues to unblock the energetic flow and therefore relieve the pain.  Neural therapy is based on the theory that trauma can produce long-standing disturbance in the electrochemical function of tissues. Neural therapy injection can often instantly and lastingly resolve chronic pain once the location of the underlying root causes of the pain is precisely identified.
  •  Sclerotherapy (Prolotherapy): a method of injection treatment designed to stimulate healing of the ligaments, tendons, and joints. Various irritant solutions are injected into the problem area to encourage repair of damaged tissue, reduce  the swelling, rebuild the immunity, and weld disabled ligaments and tendons to bone by stimulating the production of new bone and fibrous tissue cells.
  • Bio Ray – is computer programmable spectrum based on the work of Raymond Rife.  It is effective in treating cancer pain and AIDS, and other chronic diseases.

In Conventional Western Medicine…

Pain symptom is tackled by surgery, injections and/or nerve blocks, drugs such as aspirin, Tylenol, codeine, morphine, cortisone, etc.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has been used for pain management since 770 B.C. places primary emphasis on eliminating the root causes of the pain, and bringing the harmony, energetic flow, equilibrium and whole health back to the body.  TCM uses the following therapies for eliminating/managing the pain:

· Acupuncture                   · Chi Qong  Breathing  or Tai-Chi Exercise
· Natural Herbs                 · Cupping Therapy
· Moxbusion                      · Twei-Na (Chinese Massage)

Q.   How can acupuncture therapy eliminate/manage the pain?

A.   Acupuncture has been a popular healing art used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries to treat a variety of ailments.  It was thought to restore balance and harmony to the treated areas by means of the chemical change induced by the acupuncture stimulation. Clinical researchers believed that acupuncture’s ability to achieve anesthesia and/or analgesia was the result of the initiation of a series of synoptic stimulations that resulted in the formation of some type of analgesic substance.  In 1975, research by independent pharmacology groups discovered the existence of endogenous morphine-like substances, namely the leu-enkephalin and met-enkephalin, the structures of which are simple polypeptides that have powerful analgesic properties.  Immediately, acupuncturists speculated about whether the action of acupuncture resulted in the stimulation of production of these endorphins/enkephalins which in turn, enhanced the threshold of a person’s pain.

Clinical studies have proven that this is indeed true.  Since then, scientific researchers and medical practitioners have pursued a deeper understanding of the mechanism of acupuncture analgesia using neurochemical and neuropharmacological approach. Not only can acupuncture eliminate (or manage) the agony of pain by enhancing endogenous analgesia, it can also produce anesthesia sufficient for surgical procedures allowing the patient to be awake and to communicate with the surgeon during the operation.


Q.   Are you taking high dosages of pain medication, morphine or other opioids and still suffering?

A.    One of the toughest challenges facing the conventional medicine today is the management of severe pain. Morphine and other opioids are commonly used to help manage pain in patients with cancer, back injuries, and/or chronic intractable pain. Sometimes these drugs do not provide enough pain relief even in high dosages. They often have unpleasant or debilitating side effects such as nausea, headaches, and constipation. When these drugs no longer serve the patient well, Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven to be an effective alternative – or additive – to reduce the pain associated with cancer or chronic intractable pain.


Q.  Are there any side effects from the treatment of TCM therapies?

A.    No. There are no known side effects associated with TCM therapies because they are natural-based therapies.


Q.    How many acupuncture treatments will it take to reduce pain from cancer?

A.    It depends on the stage of cancer and the severity of pain. It normally takes a week to reduce pain. The patients are required to have two clinical treatments a week for the first month; then, one treatment a week.  In addition, VitalChi Cancer Pain Support formulas would have a wide applicability to a cross-section of cancer patients; they are particularly effective in relieving cancer pain and enhancing energy to sustain the patient to go through full gamut of chemotherapy/radiation therapy program.


Q.    How do I use the herbal formulas for reduction of cancer pain and to expel the toxic substance from the bone marrow area which have resulted from chemotherapy?


  • First, take VitalChi COLON CLEANSE formula before taking the Cancer Pain Support herbal formulas.  If patient is constipated, highly acidic or toxic, heat-sensitive, feel low grade fever or burning heat or has fever resulting from a virus or shortly after the chemotherapy, it is recommended that the COLON CLEANSE formula be taken for 5 days as one cycle.  The patient may take up to three cycles to root out constipation. If the patient starts experiencing diarrhea more than 4 times a day, he or she may cut down to one dosage or stop taking the formula.
    COLON CLEANSE Formula: $80.00 for a 12-days supply.
  • Second, take VitalChi GeneChi formula along with Liver Balancer formula.
    VitalGene formula:   $150.00 for a 30-day supply per patient.
    Liver Balancer formula:     $150.00 for a 30-day supply per patient.
  • Third, take VitalChi GOLDEN LIGHT formula
    Golden Light formula: $150.00 for a 30-day supply per patient.


Q.     How to apply the herbal formulas for reduce the knee pain, lumbar pain or arthritis related pain?

A.       VitalChi’s Kidney Balancer formula will help you relieve the joint pain. In fact, many patients report visible results starting in just a few days.  In addition, Kidney Infection formula can balance your blood sugar and enhance your kidney detoxification function.

The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. The nutritional suggestions, research and anecdotes provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and  should not be used as a substitute for sound medical advice.


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