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Be Your Own Best Doctor

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Learn from Your Body Messages

You are wonderfully made. The body intelligence often alarm and warn you of pain sensation, profusive sweat, cold feet, fatigue, insomnia,  and other physical syndromes due to sluggish blood circulation and/or Meridian blockage, dysfunction of the organs and seven orifices (eyes, noses, ears and mouth), infection, inflammation, edema and abnormality of body temperatures. The members of the body are well connected: Lung is connected with colon; Gall Bladder with Gastric intestinal; Liver with Kidney; Breast ...

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CHI – Phontonic Life Vitality Force

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Unlock the Puzzle of Why You are Still Sick Unfold the Secret of Reverse Aging and Rejuvenation Offer An Alternative Solution to Chronic & Terminal Disease

After reading this article, you would learn:

  1. What is kinetic Chi?
  2. How can kinetic Chi impact cardiovascular system, blood pressure and disease process?
  3. Functions of Chi.
  4. Chi Enhancement Techniques.

Life is a matter of Chi (photonic life vitality force). It is between the physical and spiritual potential energy in the form of photon, carrying frequency wave and crystal particles ...

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