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A natural solution for gum bleeding, tooth pain, mouth blisters….

Dr. Christopher GingOral Health Powder was developed by a Chinese medical family and has been used for generations for relieving tooth pain, hypersensitivity tooth, oral cankers/blisters, gum bleeding, shaky tooth, gastric cramp, abdominal pain and regular oral health maintenance.

Oral Health and Internal Disease According to Prescription for Nutritional Healing, periodontal disease or periodontal infection (PI) rank behind the common cold as the most prevalent infectious disease in the US, affecting 75% of Americans over 35 years old.
Toothache, hypersensitivity tooth, or gum bleeding is an early sign of poor dental health.

Research at the Department of Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine, State University of New York at Buffalo, found that periodontal microorganisms were present inside the plague of the heart arteries, where they could induce heart disease. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, researchers examined 1,147 men in a long-term study have found that PI is inclined to increase the risk of coronary heart diseases by 190 percent, fatal coronary disease by 190 percent, and stroke by 200 percent. It is imperative for you to take proactive measure to prevent dental/oral disease, but also enhance your overall health. Below is some expert advice that should aid your dental radiant smiling:

  1. Avoid the sugar food and all refi ned carbohydrates. Sugar can lower your pH and make your body acidic. It causes plague build-up and restricts white blood cells from fi ghting off bacteria.
  2. Change your diet.

    Green vegetables should be your primary meal. Avoid deep fried foods such as fried chicken/ fried fish and shrimp, French fries, potato chips.

  3. Floss at least before bedtime as it helps reduce cavities. Shortly after brush the teeth, apply the Oral Health Powder onto the gum. You may apply tiny more power onto the affected tooth. Do not rinse the mouth at least for 40 minutes. For the best result, do not rinse until next morning.
  4. Use your tongue to touch each tooth. As the tongue going through the teeth 10 times counterclockwise; then 10 times clockwise, it helps cleanse the teeth and saliva reproduction.

According to German physicians, 70 % of diseases can be traced to dental health problems, such as cracked amalgams, toxic mercury fillings, root canals, abscess or necrosis in the dental pulp, a badly damaged wisdom tooth, malocclusion, and gingivitis. While this may sound like an exaggeration, at first, Traditional Chinese Medicine provides supporting data that is not found in conventional western medical texts. All acupuncture meridians and One such product: “Oral Health Powder ” , is a combination of ten Chinese herbs.

It was developed by a Chinese medical family and has been used for generations for relieving the tooth pain, hypersensitivity tooth, oral cankers/blisters, gum bleeding, shaky tooth, gastric cramp, abdominal pain and regular oral health maintenance. For the maximum benefit, apply the powder around the gum after flossing and brushing the teeth before the bedtime and after breakfast. Leave it through the night and do not rinse it at least 40 minutes.

For regular oral health maintenance, you may apply the oral health powder shortly before bedtime. While it is completely safe for most people, it is not recommended for women patients who may be pregnant or lactating.

Currently “Oral Health Powder” and “Herbal Tooth Paste” are being tested at more than fifteen clinics, comprising different specialists including D.D.S., M.D. and D.O. for more than 500 patients in USA and Canada.

During these trials, there have been no significant side effects to indicate of teeth and gingerva. The dental calculus gradually deposited into gingerva forming periodontal pocket. Once periodontal pocket is formed, dental calculus by no means can be effectively cleansed out through regular teeth cleaning because the teeth cleaning apparatus can hardly get into the periodontal pocket region. This is why regular teeth cleaning does not guarantee that you are periodontal disease free.

The surface of dental calculus is warm bed for bacterial/fungal growth while the dental calculus is hidden in the periodontal pocket. Under the observation of electron microscope, approximately 0.1 billion bacteria for each periodontal pocket are detected.

These enormous bacteria constantly release the toxins to further damage the dental tissues and bones, and deepen the periodontal pocket.

For periodontal disease, periodontal specialist normally recommends oral surgery. However, after the surgery, the patients often feel that teeth become more sensitive and shaken (odontoseisis). The deeper the periodontal pocket the more severe the periodontal disease. Conventional oral surgery on periodontal disease is to move away the gingerva temporarily; then, use apparatus to clean out the dental calculus, debris and damaged tissues, and cut off partial dental tissue in order to shrink the depth of periodontal pocket. The adverse effect of such procedure results in further exposure of the dental root. This is why tooth after being operated on become more sensitive and less supportive that leads the tooth further shaken.

However, “Oral Health Powder” helps you tackle the formidable oral disease and minimize the side effects of conventional surgical procedure. internal organs are directly connected with the teeth; consequently, each tooth can be affected by dysfunction of its corresponding organ. Just as the corollary is also true that a damaged tooth can affect the function of its corresponding organ. “As more studies show the clinical effectiveness of TCM, an integrated approach to disease using a combination of Western medicine and traditional approaches becomes a possibility for the future.” (Hesketh, 1997). This statement may already have been overtaken by events. All the trends are pointing towards an integration of TCM and modern Western Medicine and the term

“Integrative Medicine” is becoming more familiar to both health professionals and members of the general public. TCM is a treasurehouse which has shown miraculous clinical effects.” (Cao ) In particular, several TCM formulae can effect remarkable changes in the periodontal health of patients. Several have been reported in abstracts included in Medline e.g. Guchiwan (Toothfirming pills) and Guchigao (Toothfirming extract) (Cao). any toxicity of the ingredients, or phyto-chemical reactions from use of this herbal formula. It has proven beneficial to 95% of the patients participating in the trials who have reported improvement in their wide range of symptoms.

After a number of clinical trials, world well known physician, William Lee Cowden, M.D. and Hugh Thompson, D.D.S. have joinly testified that: “ I have used Vital Chi – Oral Health Powder since the year 2000 and found that it is safe and effective for most of my patients who have the following symptoms: ostitis, tooth pain, oral cankers/blisters, hypersensitivity tooth, bleeding gum, periodontal disease, receding gum and oral abscess.”.

Periodontal Disease Gingerva bleeding is one of early signs of periodontal disease besides red, swollen or tender gums; loose, shifting teeth; abscess; and persistent bad mouth odor. Periodontal disease in early stage is like termites gradually eat up the tissues of the wood, yet not knowing its existence and potential threat to damage the wall and ceiling until it reaches the advanced stage. In the early stage of periodontal disease, most of the patients hardly felt any pain; therefore, they ignore the gradual and hidden disease development in the dental sac. By the time, the patient feels the pain, the disease process may rampantly developed, and costly oral surgery becomes unavoidable. Conventional dental view the impropriety to brush the teeth is the primary cause of the periodontal disease. As a result, the dental calculus is formed in between crown also true.) Regularly apply the powder “Oral Health Powder” formula around the teeth shortly after brush the teeth at bedtime can help prevention of periodontal disease, gum bleeding, dental hypersensitivity, the bacteria/viral/fungal growth as a result of root canal. It also can accelerate dental tissues to grow back after surgery, alleviate cankers, mouth blisters, tooth hypersensitivity and tooth pain.

Gum atrophy often results from incorrect brushing (notably, strong, horizontal motions) that causes the gums to recede, exposing the roots and promoting hypersensitivity and decay.

The gums form a layer of connective tissue that surrounds the base of each tooth and covers part of the jawbones.

If the gums are damaged, the teeth are more likely to decay. Inadequate cleaning contributes to a buildup of plaque (a deposit of bacteria, mucus, and food particles) on the surface of the teeth. If the plaque is not removed, it causes the gums to become inflamed. In the most severe cases, the teeth may loosen, or fall out.

Tooth Grinding due to emotional problems, directly causes wearing down of tooth surfaces, rendering them more vulnerable to decay, as well as malocclusion or TMJD (temperomandibular joint dysfunctions).

Tabulation of Teeth with their visceral connections:-

The incisor teeth (7th-10th teeth, 23rd-26th teeth) corresponding to the kidney, genitourinary, adrenal glands and rectal function, pharyngeal, nose, pineal gland, and frontal sinus; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.).

The canine teeth (6th, 11th, 22nd, 27th teeth) corresponding to the liver, biliary ducts and gall bladder function, eye, gonad, and post pituitary; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.)

The upper premolar teeth (4th, 5th, 12th, 13th teeth) corresponding to the lung, large intestine, thymus, and ethmoid cells; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.)

The lower premolar teeth (20th, 21th, 28th, 29th teeth) corresponding to the pancreas, stomach, laryngeal, tongue,
and maxillary sinus; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.)

The upper molar teeth (2nd, 3rd, 14th, 15th teeth) corresponding to the pancreas, stomach, esophagus, laryngeal, thyroid, parathyroid, tongue, and maxillary sinus; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.)

The upper molar teeth (18th, 19th, 30th, 31st teeth) corresponding to the lung, large intestine, nose, and ethmoid cells; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.)

Wisdom teeth (1st, 16th, 17th, 32nd teeth) corresponding to the heart, small intestine, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, vagus nerve, endocrinal glands, ear, tongue, and anterior pituitary lobe; (and vice versa i.e. the corollary is also true.)


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