Root Causes of High Blood Pressure

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The underlying root of causes of high blood pressure (HP)

Three types of high blood Pressure

Type A (early stage)
Both systolic, diasystolic and heart rate are high. A type of HP is the early stage of HP.

It is easier to get HP back to normal within a short period of time. Normally, there is 40-50 points of gap in between systolic and diasystolic, indicating strong blood circulation. If the ...

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Comprehensive Pain Treatment Program

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By Christopher Ging, PhD, DOM, Lic. Acupuncturist
Copyright  May 6, 2003, Alternative Medicine Inc

Say Good-bye to Pain

Culprits behind Pain:
Pain is a signal, information carrier of meridian blockage, infection, blood clots, low pH…; it is a process, not a disease.

Millivolt (mv) is above 80 mV. 1 milli Volt =  1 / 1,000 Volt.  Pain does not exist when millivolt is under 60 mv.
Numbness condition when milli Voltage is under 40mv.

The underlying root of causes of chronic pain:

  1. Chi Blockage- ...
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